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GFO Packing Compression Packing

Braided compression packing made from 100% GORE® GFO® fiber offers proven consistent high performance for a wide range of applications and uses, including shafts on high-speed pumps, mixers and agitators.

Easy to install and remove, the packing never gets hard or brittle. It outlasts virtually any other packing it replaces.

Compared to other PTFE/graphite packings, only those made with GORE® GFO® fiber, with its 20+ year history of documented trouble-free performance, deliver an unmatched level of assurance and confidence. Look for the Seal of Assurance on every package … and 100% GFO printed right on the packing.


GR Sheet Gasketing Gasketing for Steel Pipes & Equipment

GORE® GR Sheet Gasketing is designed to outperform both conventional (filled and skived) PTFE and other ePTFE gasketing in steel piping and equipment.

GORE® GR Sheet Gasketing has the chemical resistance of conventional PTFE sheet gasketing without the creep and cold flow commonly associated with that material. GORE® GR Sheet Gasketing is stronger and more dimensionally stable than other ePTFE gaskets. It is highly conformable to rough or irregular sealing surfaces, and compresses into an extremely tough gasket that creates a tight, long-lasting seal.

GORE® GR Sheet Gasketing is a versatile, single-solution material for both standard and custom gasketing shapes and sizes.


Joint Sealant Gasket for Large Diamete Flanges

Joint Sealant, the first form-in-place gasket, was invented by Gore more than 40 years ago. It is a time-tested sealing solution for steel flanges with large diameters, rectangular or irregular shapes, and rough or pitted surfaces. When compressed, this soft, conformable cord forms a thin yet strong seal. It can also seal applications where available bolt loads are low.

Versatile GORE® Joint Sealant is standard sealing material for many MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations) teams because it seals reliably – and because it’s easy and cost-effective to install. For most applications, just peel off the adhesive backing, apply to the surface, and overlap the ends.


Series 500 Gasket Tape – Saves You Time, Money and Trouble

A spool of GORE® Gasket Tape Series 500 provides an immediate, cost-effective solution to sealing challenges that demand reliable performance and extended durability. This advanced product, with its industry-leading creep resistance, is designed to maximize the operational reliability of large steel-flanged applications, especially those with thermal cycling.


Series 1000 Gasket Tape – Easily and reliably seal glass-lined steel to contain aggressive media, protect equipment,
and reduce emissions.

Glass-lined steel equipment is used by chemical processers to deal with aggressive media under demanding conditions. Yet the inherent demands of such systems – high temperatures, alternating system pressures, limited gasket loads and deviation of sealing surfaces – can make it challenging to maintain a tight, lasting seal.

GORE® Gasket Tape Series 1000 addresses all the challenges of reliably sealing large glass-lined-steel flanges. Made of 100% expanded PTFE (ePTFE), this highly conformable tape is chemically inert, and highly resistant to creep, cold flow and clamp-force loss. Its proprietary barrier core maintains an extra tight seal even at low loads.


Universal Pipe Gasket Style 800 For Chemical Process Piping

GORE® Universal Pipe Gasket (Style 800) provides a reliable seal for steel, glass-lined steel and fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) flanges, in the full spectrum of strong acid, alkali, and solvent process media, including the most challenging thermal cycling and elevated temperature applications. This single gasket solution can reduce the process safety and production downtime risks caused by the use of an incorrect gasket material. Highly conformable 100% ePTFE reliably seals irregular surfaces.


Valve Stem Packing DP All Purpose and Self-Forming

GORE® Valve Stem Packing DP is a pliable, self-lubricating packing that eliminates stem wear and lasts indefinitely. This continuous-length packing installs easily and forms a cohesive cylinder when compressed, eliminating the need to cut and form rings.


PRODURA Joint Sealant Greater Strength for a More Reliable Seal

PRODURA® Joint Sealant is a chemically inert cord
sealant made with 100% expanded PTFE. It is an ideal
form-in-place sealant for industrial gasketing users who
wish to balance sealing reliability with cost. With greater
strength than similarly priced joint sealants, PRODURA®
Joint Sealant provides better sealing reliability. Mechanically
altered to decrease creep relaxation, its fibrous
structure is both strong and very conformable, which
means it will fill areas of significant pitting and corrosion.


PRODURA Sheet Gasketing Greater Strength for a More Reliable Seal

PRODURA® sheet gasketing is chemically inert
and made from 100% expanded virgin PTFE. It is the
ideal sheet for industrial gasketing users who wish to
balance sealing reliability with cost. Possessing greater
strength than similarly priced PTFE sheets, PRODURA®
sheet gasketing provides better sealing reliability.
Mechanically altered to decrease creep relaxation, its
fibrous structure is both strong and very conformable
to create a tight and lasting seal.